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Why College Students Love Coffee

By: Candice Zhang

Every college student who hustles for a 4.0 GPA will always inform you about their relationship with the drink made from heaven – coffee. There is just something super special about the rich, bittersweet flavour combined with the thin texture. We don’t know what it exactly is, but it surely helps us stay awake, complete assignments, and ace that exam. Although science may say that the answer is ‘caffeine,’ I’m sure that there is more to just a stimulant. Heck, why would the line for Starbucks be 20 minutes long if students just wanted to buy a narcotic?

I remember the first time I had (iced) coffee at 15 years old. It was summer and I had to volunteer for a summer camp, but I was broke a.f. Legit, no beverages were under $2 – even in fast food restaurants. Therefore, I decided to opt for Iced Coffee to satisfy my inner cravings.

After one sip, I became addicted. The beverage was affordable and had a unique flavour to it. During that time, I thought that there was no other drink that can win over the Iced Coffee from McDonald’s. Therefore, when winter season arrived, I began to order a double-double instead of hot chocolate.

In fact, many college students have found out about their obsession with coffee in a similar way. A University of Kentucky study showed that over 78% of college freshmen consumed more than 200 mg of caffeine each day. You may be wondering, ‘Wow, that is so much caffeine, stop drinking coffee!’ and go on a rant about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But in reality, let me tell you, as a student, it is difficult to maintain that balance. Even if we try to, all of us will end up resorting to coffee.

Coffee is so addicting because it has more flavour than water, but it is also more accessible than beer. Sipping a tinge of flavour is the difference from keeping you awake and falling asleep during a lecture. Sometimes, we need something different that will help us concentrate on our work. Juggling five courses a semester and attending 5-10 classes is just like multitasking on an assignment by scrolling through social media. Hence, we need to FOCUS and our lifehack for that purpose is… coffee.

Coffee pairs well with every meal or snack. Like come on, I rather eat my cookie with coffee than with hot chocolate. The beverage in itself is perceived as a sophisticated version of Diet Coke or Pepsi. However, unlike both of the previous drinks mentioned above, coffee can be virtually paired with anything. Wanting to order a pizza? Try to get a double-double! Feeling hungry and craving a croissant? Easy – just grab a coffee to complete the meal.

Coffee works well in both warm and cold weather. Imagine a snowstorm outside in -30-degree Celsius weather. In the midst of hallowing winds, hidden ice, and heavy traffic jams, where do you think you will be? Chances are that you predicted that you will be at home with a cup of coffee in your hand while procrastinating on a tedious assignment. Now, picture yourself in the summer when the weather is warmer. You’re shopping in downtown and wanting to grab an affordable drink. And what do you choose? Chances are that you probably picked Iced Coffee. Therefore, the drink is great for both cold and warm climates. Just add some iced cubes and cream - Voila.

Overall, there are so many reasons why college students can’t live a day without coffee. From the 8 AM classes to the 12 AM library grinds, having a cup of coffee is essential to survive in this life. It helps us navigate through our activities, complete our homework assignments, and connect with others on social events. As our lives become more restless, the popularity of coffee will only increase. At this point, we might as well get another degree in Coffee Tasting.

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