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Ways To Get Involved On Campus

Guest Blog By Izzy Wallace

If I could engrain one piece of advice into anyone on a college campus, it would be to get involved! The best way to meet people just like you and make lifelong relationships, professionally and socially, is to find a club or organization that fits you. Here are five ways to find the most perfect way for you to get involved on campus.

1. Do your research

Let me tell you - your school has TONS to offer! No matter what campus you are on, college clubs vary from anything to your major to what you love to do in your free time. Visit your university’s site or do some Instagram or Facebook searching to find what clubs and organizations are available. If you like to sing, join your school’s glee club! If you want to surround yourself with more people going into the medical field, join the neuroscience club or the kinesiology organization! Do your research beforehand and find out what your college has to offer.

2. Talk to someone on campus

If you have this advantage, talk to someone that already attends the university or has graduated from there. If you are going into college not knowing anyone else going there, send someone a DM! Trust me- students have reached out to me before without hardly knowing me or not knowing me at all. And I have done the same! College students love to brag about how amazing their school is and all that there is to do on campus. Another idea is to chat with anyone who is in college. All students will have some knowledge about what goes on on campus, and would love to share their knowledge with you.

3. Reach out to the organization

I know, reaching out to a specific organization can be intimidating. However, just like students enjoy talking about their school, organizations like talking about their impact! Reaching out to a club does not imply that you are positive you want to join, and the students you connect with in that club know that. By reaching out to the organization, you can gather all the information you may need to join or even make a connection that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. Find what fits your interests

One of the best parts about college is finding people that are just like you. If you have a hobby that you want to continue in college, consider joining a club that will allow you to do so. Whether you find a professional or social organization, you will make friends and find people that are similar to you. When doing research about clubs, find what interests you and go from there.

5. Gather information

The more informed you are about the club or organization you are interested in, the more comfortable you will feel joining them. Don’t hesitate to learn about all sorts of clubs even if you aren’t necessarily interested in joining right away. You never know what will come of a relationship you formed in conversation with someone or where they could lead you! Gather all of the information you can get to make the best decision for you.

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