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Top Paying Jobs Out of College

First, I’d like to preface this by saying you should pursue whatever career path you want to. You should always do a job you love, but if you’re also interested in finding out what jobs will bring in the most dough, then this is for you.

1. Engineering

There is a plethora of different routes you can take from the start of engineering. There is electrical, petroleum, computer science, aerospace, and more. All of these types of engineering are completely different jobs so eventually you will have to settle on one. Usually to have an engineering job, you will need an undergrad degree specifically in engineering. Not all colleges have this major, but other have amazing programs that you can partake in for your undergrad. These majors tend to be really tough, so you need to be prepared, but the payout afterward depending on which job you take could be over 100K right out of college! To start off your career in 6-figures is pretty extraordinary.

2. Actuary

Actuaries work with different companies, such as insurance companies, to analyze and assess risk and uncertainty. There are needed at businesses all across the world, so it is a very steady job. To become an actuary, there is a test after college that you need to pass in order to become a professional actuary. The good news, if you pass, is you can enter this job right out of college and make anywhere from 60k to 120k. This is also a very steady job that you can hold for a long time!

3. Management Position

When I talk about management in this case it is for pretty high level and complicated jobs. Some of these options include aviation management and computer information management. These jobs work in complex fields but are accessible right out of college and pay really well. You can make anywhere from 50k to 90k in these positions. These positions include a lot of administrative work and take a great deal of organizational and leadership skills to be able to do well.

4. Economist, Mathematician, or Physicist

The three jobs I listed above sound like classic majors at a college, but most people don’t know that these majors also correspond to well-paying jobs. Aside from just going back to teach, these subjects have lots of job options at a variety of workplaces. They use the type of skills that you would have begun to build in your undergraduate degree in these topics. These jobs can range from salaries anywhere from 50k to 100k!

Obviously, this is a pretty short list, but I hope it gives a general sense to those who are looking to make money right out of an undergraduate degree. Everybody has their niche and you should not chase these jobs if the only think that interests you is the paycheck. However, for people looking for a path they want to take as they are entering college, in college, or about to leave, these jobs may be able to provide some clarity for those looking to make some money someday. I would also suggest doing even more research on the specific job you are interested in pursuing if any of these sparked your interest. As with all articles, you can also message us with questions or for direction for further information!

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