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Top IPAs You Must Try!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A guest blog written by Meredith Melendy.

As Nick Pepper once said..."IPA time to slay!"

Check out these ranked IPAs, their ABV, and a description of taste. For all you beer lovers, these IPAs are a must-try!

★ College On Tap does not promote underage drinking.

For those who do drink, drink responsibly★

Goose IPA - Goose Island Beer Company

Taste - 8/10

ABV - 5.9%

★Description: A great option if you’re looking for that classic grapefruit, hoppy blend. A fresh and crisp way to start off your night, or afternoon on game-day.

Big Cranky - Stony Creek Brewery

Taste - 9/10

ABV - 9.5%

★Description: Sharp, strong hoppy flavor. You’ll take one sip and this one will bite you back, but the juicy taste is balanced out by

some piney undertones.

Sip o’ Sunshine - Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Taste - 7/10

ABV - 8.0%

★Description: This one brings the tropics to you with citrusy flavors followed by a slightly dry, flowery finish. Perfect with spring just around the corner.

Great North - Great North Aleworks

Taste - 6/10

ABV - 7.0%

★Description: With some hoppy undertones of pine, the bitterness is balanced by some orange and lemon flavors. If you like a bitter beer, this is the one for you.

Hangry Angler - Trout River Brewing Company

Taste - 7/10

ABV - 8.0%

★Description: This double IPA packs double the flavors ranging from fruitiness to a wheatier taste. You’re just not you when you’re hangry...this ale is sure to snap you out of it.

Stoneface IPA - Stoneface Brewing Company

Taste - 8/10

ABV - 7.2%

★Description: This one will get you hopping for joy with the bright orangey flavors it brings. Starts out sweet and gets tart towards the end of each sip. This is a truly balanced beer.

Damn Sure - Henniker Brewing Co.

Taste - 5/10

ABV - 8.5%

★Description: There’s no escaping the citrus and grapefruit with this bitter beer. A good one time buy if you’re looking for something a little more local...first couple sips will wake you up but the last couple sips are a struggle.

Heady Topper - The Alchemist Company

Taste - 10/10

ABV - 8.0%

★Description: One of the hoppier IPAs I’ve tried, this one leaves all the bitterness behind. An earthy flavor that’s finished off by a slight hint of citrus. Best one yet. It’s #1 in Vermont. Just try it, okay?

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