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Tips for Staying Productive In A Virtual Setting

By: Angel Bruno

The main complaint that I have heard from my friends and I have even experienced first hand about virtual learning is that we feel like there is no sense of urgency to complete our assignments as nothing really feels as necessary as it did in the physical setting. However, after many late night cram sessions and frantic written assignments being turned in at 11 PM. I have come up with some tips and tricks to stay motivated. Now I cannot guarantee their success but rather I hope this gives you some ideas, let me know if these work out for you.

1. Invest in materials that keep you organized.

By this I mean to buy a planner if you need to because writing down ideas helps me to stay organized with a to do list. Or you could invest time into making a virtual list of assignments and activities and put them on your phone. Checking assignments off of your list can actually help you to feel more motivated and keep you on track.

2. Designate a set space for doing school assignments or work.

Setting up a space at the dining room table, or a special corner of your room, or even an isolated spot at your local library can really help you keep your relaxation space and your work space separate. Having a set space for work can help you to keep your productivity level up and help to avoid distractions that you would face in a more relaxation oriented space.

3. Make a set schedule for your day.

Allotting a set amount of time that you can use to complete tasks will help you to stay on top of the work that you need to complete. If you know you only have four hours to do your work then you will be more likely to use that productively rather than having all day which may make you put the work off for a lot longer and subsequently waste hours of your day.

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