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Thrifting: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Fashion

By: Angel Bruno

Sustainable fashion has been coming to the forefront of most major fashion brands marketing and mission statements in recent years. That active change is amazing and it is great that sustainability is becoming a fundamental concern for businesses and something that consumers are demanding from the companies that they love. However, with all of this being said I felt that it was important to have a moment of appreciation for one of the most affordable and common ways to participate in sustainable fashion which is thrifting.

If I were to go down memory lane I could tell you that one of my favorite stores to shop at in my early teen years was Plato’s Closet because it gave me a chance to buy traditionally expensive clothes at a comparably cheaper price. While Plato’s Closet is not a traditional thrift store like the Goodwill it does allow people to buy clothing second hand so the general concept is there. And without thinking about it I had participated in reducing the amount of pollution that it would take to make the items I wanted brand new while also getting great deals. Due to this and the general wave of thrifted fashion enthusiasts that emerged in the 2010's, thrifting has been made one of the most favorable means of participating in the effort for a more sustainable wardrobe.

On top of thrifting being affordable it is now becoming more accessible than ever and there are sites for literally everyone. If you want a good old fashioned thrifting experience? ThredUp is the site for you. Do you want gently used designer brands? The RealReal has a huge variety of luxury items. Do you feel like supporting individuals or smaller businesses? There is Depop, Poshmark, or you can even go to an online vintage thrift store on Instagram .

There are so many advantages when it comes to buying second hand, a major one being that most of your clothes will be genuinely unique. I have so many rare and one of a kind pieces that are of great quality just because I have shopped at so many small thrift stores. Another advantage is that it is a great opportunity to build up your wardrobe in a more affordable way. So many people have a style change at some point and it can get pricey to add new pieces to your collection but with thrifting you can help incorporate pieces in a way that is cost effective and gradual.

In conclusion, we need to give thrift stores their flowers and appreciate their contribution to making sustainability mainstream and accessible.

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