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The Best Worst Netflix Movies

Yes, I am aware the title of this article is an oxymoron, but you know exactly the genre I am talking about! You know, the movies that are so bad but you can not stop watching? They make you laugh hysterically, but following the concluding credits you sit there and think to yourself, "did I really just waste two hours of my life watching this?" Whether they are stupid, cringy, or a mixture of the two...this genre of movie is definitely my guilty pleasure. I have created a list of the best worst movies on Netflix so you have easy access whenever you're looking for a good laugh (or just trying to waste two hours).

  1. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga: Personally, I found this movie hilarious. I've already watched it three times and it came out yesterday. When watching this movie you can expect tons of laughs, but do not expect a good plot. The movie itself is about as elementary as it gets. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Will Ferrell's kids helped him write the script...or wrote the entire thing themselves. I am just surprised that Rachel McAdams agreed to participate. However, I will say that the soundtrack to the movie is great.

  2. The Kissing Booth: This movie is just straight cringy. The acting is subpar and I genuinely felt uncomfortable during certain scenes. I felt the embarrassment that the main character was experiencing multiple times and it made me want to hide under my bed. If you want a cheesy teen romance that requires you to pay little to no attention to understand the plot, this is your go-to! Watch it ASAP because The Kissing Booth 2 releases on July 24th!

  3. Murder Mystery: Definitely not the best work Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have created, but it is bearable. Murder Mystery has a dumb plot and corny jokes, but it did not fail to amuse me.

  4. The Last Summer: I would not consider The Last Summer to be a best, worst movie on Netflix because I actually believe the movie would have done really well in theaters. The plot is similar to most teen romance movies, but the cast is attractive and the love story will warm your heart. However, I decided to add this movie to this list because it did not get any good reviews. Critics rated it a 17%.

  5. Ibiza: I would compare this movie to the female version of The Hangover. A ton of random shit happens mixed with a love connection, pressures of work, and constant partying. The cast in this movie are 10/10. If you only watch one movie on this list, I suggest this one!

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