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Tapping in with Business-Week 1 (Ft. College on Tap)

Meet the creators of College on Tap! Our first week of Tapping in with Business features Sarah and Carly from your new favorite college entertainment site, College on Tap! Check out both of our responses below about what it's like to own a business and how we balance it with our everyday lives. We would also like to formally thank all of the support our followers have given us up until this point!

Tapping in with business is a new weekly series we have created. You will meet college business owners who do really amazing things with their businesses. We want our fans to be able to discover, learn, and be inspired about business from this series. We hope you enjoy.

Provide a general overview of the business

Carly: College on Tap was created to provide college students with information regarding all aspects of the college experience. We wanted to create one blog that allowed students to access all of this information in one area.

Sarah: We really want to be a central hub regarding all things college. We want useful information and also entertaining content for all of our viewers. The blog is a starting point, and we only want to grow from there. We continue to come up with plans for more engaging content and different ways of distributing it. So be on the lookout for that!

What made you want to start a business?

Carly: Sarah and I had been discussing several ideas for starting a business over the past year. Unfortunately, we were unable to create most of our ideas because financially it would be a large investment and we are broke college students. When quarantine began, Sarah had reached out with the idea of creating a platform that provided college students with access to information regarding all aspects of the college experience. I loved the idea, and this venture allowed us to start something that required no investment of money while giving us the opportunity to start a project together.

Sarah: For the longest time I've been interested in all different ideas and starting by own business. A lot of my friends can speak for the times I've said I want to start a business with them. Carly and I had talked about a lot of different ideas, and as she had mentioned, none were feasible at the time. I look at successful businesses as a solution to a problem. I think there definitely is not platform for all college students like College on Tap, and something that can grow to be a tremendous asset for college students everywhere. I'm excited to see where we can take this.

How has it been balancing a business and college life?

Carly: I have not found it too difficult to balance this business with college life so far. Sarah and I do a great job on picking up the slack for the other individual if they have a busy academic schedule that week. I am sure this fall will be more challenging (assuming we are back on campus), but we have a good system and always get things done.

Sarah: I agree with Carly that it really hasn't been that bad. Open communication has been a key for us which has helped us continually have content. I think we have also taken a nice and slow approach to the content we put out. I definitely have Carly to thank for that, or I would've taken on way more than I can handle. We keep introducing things at a pace so we can grow but not overwhelm ourselves.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Carly: The biggest challenge I have experienced thus far is coming up with content that I believe everyone will find informative and entertaining. College students have a very wide spectrum of interests, so it is often difficult to gauge exactly what content they are looking for.

Sarah: I think the biggest challenge has been finding that true buy-in from a wider audience. We truly believe in the material we put out, and those who give it a chance have given us great feedback, but with such a small following, it's hard to get others to join the movement.

What has been the most fun?

Carly: The most fun aspect of College on Tap for me is creating content with one of my best friends. I think Sarah and I both bring amazing experiences and content to this business and I'm very appreciative that she is my business partner!

Sarah: I second what Carly said! Going into business with a friend can seem like a bad idea at times, but we have found ways to work through disagreements, knowing we both have the same goal in mind. Having Carly by my side has made me more confident in my work and I think we're a great team.

What is your advice to other college students who want to start a business?

Carly: The best advice I could give is to pursue something you're passionate about. It isn't easy to create a business, especially the first few months. However, if you have the passion and the drive you can achieve anything.

Sarah: My advice is to not be afraid. I think it can be intimidating to put yourself out there on social media with this idea that you've come up with and let everyone into your thoughts. Don't shy away from the challenge because of other people's opinions! Most will be supportive and those who are not don't dream big like you do. Don't let those few take away an amazing pursuit for yourself.

Do you own a college business? Reach out to us via email to be featured on our blog for our new series Tapping in with Business!

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