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Summer Bucketlist

Summer of 2020 is definitely very different than any other one we have experienced, but we all should be taking time to do things that we enjoy. Coming up with fun activities even with some of the restrictions of COVID can be extremely difficult. That is why we are here to help! This is a lost of some activities you can add to or use to make a summer bucketlist!

Watch a sunset and sunrise. This costs $0, amazing to watch, and has a little challenge/ adventure built in. You'll want to plan a good day for both, especially the sunrise part to make sure it's not cloudy. Whether it be a hike, just on some water, on somewhere with a good peak, get a great view of that sun and take it all in.

Learn an artistic skill. I left this pretty vague purposefully so you can choose what skill you want to pursue. I have been teaching myself guitar, so learning an instrument is one option. You could also learn to draw, paint, or just do more of an artistic skill you already like. Get creative!

Blow up on TikTok. This one may take some effort, and it may not ever happen, but good be a fun challenge for you and your friends! Find a dance you like, or something you think is funny and see if you can make it happen. And if you do give us a shout out (lol).

Go golfing or play tennis. These are summertime type sports and good to be able to play when you start getting old, so you might as well start now. You might want a lesson or two first in either sport but then grab some friends and play! Will be tons of fun and is all outside and very socially distanced.

Make money. Either work hard at a summer job you might be doing, or get creative! We have multiple articles posted in the business section of our website to help guide you to make money. Check those out and started letting that cash flow in!

Go to the beach. This is a classic summer bucketlist item, but what's a summer without the beach? Even if you're landlocked, try to find a way to go at least once!!

Have a movie marathon. Even though it's summer, we all know it's going to rain, and you might as well make the most of it! Have a movie marathon where you pick like 2-3 movies and watch them all in a row. Make sure to have some snacks handy as well.

Paint a pong table. This has been a trend blowing up on the internet, but probably because they look SO GOOD once they are completed. Definitely something you should try to do this summer!

Try Yoga! Everyone says yoga is relaxing and good for you, so why not try it? There's so many online resources for yoga so find a good Youtube tutorial and give it a shot. Find your inner peace through a little bit of yoga!

Lastly smile and laugh A LOT. I know times are tough but try to find joy even in the smallest things. It's important to keep your mind and body right and feeling good. After all it is summer so find ways to have fun, and hopefully some of these activities help! This is not an exhaustive list of what one could do throughout a summer but definitely a fun starting point! Enjoy!!

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