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Ranking Ten of The Most Popular TikTok Trends

As we all know TikTok is taking over the nation with its funny videos and dancing trends. We've all at least thought about how cool it would be to blow up on TikTok, and if you're anything like me you've even tried a few. We can't deny it's addictive and entertaining (for better or worse). Today, I'm going to walk down memory lane with you on some of the most memorable TikTok trends and rank them from worst to best. Some of these were downright awful, but others were actually pretty cool.

10. Coming in at dead last among every TikTok EVER made is the trend little E-boys thought was cool when they fake playing hockey to that rap song and then do other weird and uncomfortable dance moves. If you actually enjoyed watching these, I don't know, that's just not right. This trend literally ruined this song for me, I cannot listen to it. The only somewhat good thing that came out of this trend were the girls copying how boys do it. But honestly it was so horrible I could barely even laugh at the spoofs.

9. Okay stick with me on this one because I have to type it out. But the song with no words and it's like "dun,dun,dun... dununununa" and repeats like that 3 times and people do the thing with their hips and arms. Like literally why? This is not even remotely impressive. No talent is involved, people get wayyyy to into that hip movement. The only thing worse than this dance itself is the Jason Derulo song that was made with the beat. Like the song is not good and he should just not be on TikTok at all, but that's a topic for another article.

8. TikTok workouts. TikTok workouts are on this scale of like "Super simple beginner 10000 rep workout" or the complete opposite like "eat 1 carrot, breathe 3 times like this, and you'll get abs." Like there are no just normal people workouts on this app and I can't stand it. If you want to workout there's literally free workouts everywhere there's not need to use TikTok for this.

7. Renegade. Renegade is honestly a cool dance and fun to do but it just got overused. Probably because it's really good but I can't rank it higher just because of how sick I got after a while. Forever will be remembered as the dance that made TikTok what it is today.

6. Ones of people's playlists and then to check their spotify. These are not horrible because I've lowkey found some good songs off of these. However, too many people just find lots of indie songs regardless if they are good or bad, and are like "some amazing music you need to listen to" or they are playlists end up being like 100 hours long and that's just too much for a playlist. So like I guess what I'm getting at is these are just really hit or miss. And it's the misses that made this trend come in at 6.

5. People making pink pong balls in cups through a bunch of pots and pans. This is at 5 because some of them I was like wow that must've taken hours for literally just one silly video so I was loving the dedication. That being said, THAT much time just for one TikTok?? And it's like

I guess fun to watch but not very memorable. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but that's my opinion.

4. The my way or the high way ones definitely gave me some laughs. I didn't get them as first but then once I saw more they started to make me laugh a lot. People got creative with them and I even saw one where the kid did a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck impression that was spot on. Seemed like an opportunity to do a weird flex but still impressive.

3. The Vogue trend. People POPPED OFF for this trend. I was watching them like OKAYYYY. Couldn't believe the end results for some people looked amazing!!!! I'm sure it was also fun for people to make those so an all around fun and uplifting trend. Loved seeing how people supported and lifted up others as well through this trend.

2. Home renovation projects. This must be a sign that I'm aging but I live for the renovation project videos. When they show them like buying wood and then building something, even if it's over a couple videos I get invested in these. These can even apply to the different things people do with clothes as well. TikTokers are lowkey so creative and it's awesome to watch. Some of these leave in amazement or wishing I was more artistic. Like the custom shoes???? Don't even get me started. Someone make some for me please!!

1. Coming in as my all time favorite trend had to be the ones where people write something on the screen with the slow sax in the back and then the response to what they said is a song title. All of these made me laugh so hard and the anticipation of what the song was going to be made me feel like a little kid opening a present. People were literally so creative and it was very fun to watch what everyone came up with. I even had a few ones for this idea.

I hope this made you laugh, or mad because you intensely disagree with my rankings. Either way, let us know what you thought!

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