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Our Favorite Music Party Essentials

In this article we have five party essentials mostly regarding music at the party. If you read our last article about being better on aux, now you will have the tools to make it all come together!

1. Our New Spotify Page!

We thought this article would be the perfect place to reveal our Spotify page! After the articles we have had about music, we’ve had requests for us to make an account with our playlists. Your wishes have been answered! Right here is the link to our Spotify page, called College On Tap. https://open.spotify.com/user/6zik0dninsprm1ryg6i6bxwr0?si=DiTKNBErQ_2FzmP_wM9cSA We only have a few shorter playlists uploaded right now but keep an eye out for even more in the future to help add to your playlists, or just use ours in their entirety.

2. SMOF App

SMOF stands for sixty minutes of fun, also known as a power hour. The great thing about this app is you can link it to your Spotify account. Then you pick a playlist, and the app will automatically change the song on every minute and make a noise for you to know it has changed. It’s a really clever app and super fun to use. We highly recommend you try this out to stay on time and have good music for your next power hour.

3. Monster Rockin Roller Speaker

I swear by this speaker as the best speaker out there. For pretty low prices compared to other speakers, it has a lot louder sound to it. It is bigger than a typical beats or Bose speaker, but you get a lot more sound out of it. Most of them have wheels which makes them great for transportation compared to really large speakers. I find that this speaker is the perfect balance between price, high noise, and transportability. All of which are extremely important for music listening pleasures in college. They are also super durable and will make it through even the roughest of times. If you are hosting really large parties or gathering this might not be enough, but for smaller events this is absolutely the best speaker out there.

4. Microphone

Once you have your rockin roller, it may come with a microphone, but if not, you NEED to invest in one. I have found a microphone to be the highlight of some people’s nights. Everybody loves to perform their favorite song here or there, give a shoutout to a friend, or just yell some nonsense. Nothing makes that point feel better than being able to say it through a microphone. They can easily attack to the rockin roller without disrupting Bluetooth or aux chord capabilities which is great for sing along. Any karaoke night would not be complete without a microphone. Honestly, most nights wouldn’t be complete without a microphone, so invest in one!

5. Lighting

If you are hosting people in a dorm room, apartment, or house, for a party, lighting will make or break the vibe. We recommend investing in some LED lights to go around the room. You can get really cheap ones from amazon that are super easy to set up. They also are really cheap, and you can find fun ones that have lots of different color options. Having cool lighting is also great in general, so then you’ll have it set up for just you to enjoy as well.

Some general additional tips are:

· Have a playlist set up for SMOF already that has songs that are cool in the first minute. Some songs don’t pick up until later in, but this won’t work with the app. (We will be working to develop a playlist for this on our Spotify as well).

· Charge the speaker, and don’t lose the charger. The speaker recommended has 100 hours of battery which means you don’t have to charge it much, but somehow it always manages to die when you feel like you need it most. Always check that it’s charged or don’t lose the charger!

· Guaranteed that a microphone will break at some point so don’t buy an expensive one

· Also, pretty guaranteed that you will lose the speaker charger so it’s not a bad idea to buy an extra ahead of time.

· Keeping checking our social media for updated or new playlists on our Spotify page.

I hope this was helpful and gave you some good ideas moving forward! Let us know if you have any other suggestions or if you found this helpful!

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