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No Ragrets? Not Even A Letter?

Many people take college for granted, often forgetting how lucky they are to be blessed with the opportunity to attend a university. When you attend college, you have the opportunity to live independently and most importantly, to spend time focusing on discovering your interests. Over the course of four years, you NEED to take advantage of the opportunities that surround you. Join clubs, network yourself with alumni, volunteer in the community your college is surrounded by, or play a sport! Below you will find some of my college regrets. Take my advice, put yourself out there right when you get to college, so you do not graduate with regrets!

Regret #1- I Wish I Attended Club Meetings Earlier

When I first got to college, I signed up to be on the email list for about a dozen clubs. However, I never actually attended meetings. I am pretty shy before I get to know people, so I was nervous to go to club meetings alone. In result of this, I never actually joined any clubs. My senior year of college, I received an email about a program that truly interested me, it was called College Guild. I built up the courage to attend a meeting alone, and was immediately welcomed by my peers. So, do not be afraid to join a club, the other members will welcome you with open arms and you will get to connect with people that share similar interests with you.

Regret #2- Embrace the Importance of Office Hours

My first semester of college was rough, as it is for most students. My grades were not nearly as good as they were in high school. However, once I started going to office hours, I saw a surge in my grades. Do NOT be afraid to seek help, that is what professors are for!

Regret #3- Major in What You Are Interested In

I do not directly relate to this regret, but I do know that deciding what to major in can be a huge headache. My advice, if you do not need to apply directly into a specific school at your university, spend the first year taking classes in a bunch of different majors. This will allow you to explore what you are truly interested in. Besides, not many 17 and 18 year-olds have their life planned out when they get to college. After spending the first year discovering your interests, narrow down what you may want to major in. Contact alumni who majored in similar areas, or research what jobs could await once graduation comes around. Major in what INTERESTS you, because most likely that will bet the field you work in for the majority of your life.

Regret #4- Do Not Turn Down a Night Hanging With Friends

Some Friday nights you are tired, after a long week of schoolwork and class the last thing you want to do is go to a party or stay up late with friends. I'm telling you, drink a cup of coffee and figure out a way to hangout. You don't realize how fast college goes by until it's gone. Sure, a few nights you may want time to yourself or to just lay in bed. However, if Coronavirus and quarantine has taught me anything, it's that life is unpredictable, so take every opportunity you have to party, go on adventures, or more generally, to make memories.

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