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My Top 10 Favorite Netflix Originals (so far)

By: Sarah Hardy

I love watching TV, like REALLY love watching TV. I swear I’ve watched Gossip Girl more times than I can count. However, in the era of streaming I’ve come to find that Netflix has created some of my favorite shows as well. I’m not picky with my shows. I love everything from cooking to documentaries and comedy. While I haven’t gotten through everything on Netflix quite yet, here is a list of my top 10 favorite Netflix Original shows (so far) in no particular order. Stay tuned for my list on the best Netflix Original Movies later on :)


If you’ve been paying attention to the hot new shows during quarantine, you’ve probably heard about Outer Banks. This show is a teen drama with a mystery. I liked Outer Banks because it was a very easy show to watch and it had me watching episode after episode wondering what was going to happen. Even though the storyline doesn’t seem quite realistic, it’s engaging with that perfect flair of teen drama (even if the actors are much older than their characters). If I had one criticism, it would be that almost every episode ends on a happier note with the cliffhanger happening slightly before the end of an episode. The show has been renewed for a Season 2, so learn if you’re a Pogue or a Kook and get cracking on Outer Banks.

2. The Politician

Season 2 for this show has just dropped, so see what all the hype is about! The Politician follows a politically-driven high schooler (Ben Platt) through a campaign that’s full of scandal and humor. While this has a pretty dense plot line, it was still a very easy show to watch. Gwenyth Paltrow offers a great comedic performance, where some of the conversations seem too funny to handle. My one critique ,again, revolves around the age of the characters and the unrealistic depiction of high school. However, the acting is superb and it’s even something I would watch with my roommates and family.

3. Elite

Before I get started with this show, I have to let you know this is in Spanish. I watched the show in Spanish with English subtitles, but you can switch the language to English if you don’t mind the lip movements being off. Okay, time to get started! Elite is DRAMATIC. There is murder, there is betrayal, there are parties and yes, sex. Three misfits get into a prestigious private school and that’s only where the drama begins. It took me a while to get through this show because subtitles can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to multitask. There is a very continuous storyline with a few subplots so paying attention is key. If you’re looking for something dramatic but with a little twist, definitely check out Elite.

4. Making a Murderer

This is a docu-series about Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man convicted of murder. I am obsessed with true crime stories and this one definitely had me reeling. It started out a little slow, but since this case is still being debated today, it definitely makes me Google the most recent information. Viewers are divided on whether or not they believe Avery is innocent or guilty of murder. Season 2 was the better of the seasons, diving into the appeals process and re examining the evidence from the original case. While this might take some time to get through, it’s a great show for friends who are also interested in true crime. Watch this and start some conversations, and hopefully we’ll see a Season 3 soon!

5. Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Foodies rejoice! If you’ve heard of NailedIt or Sugar Rush, this is a show you HAVE to check out. This show is for the best of the best dessert makers run by Australia’s famous Adriano Zumbo. These desserts are the most mouth-watering desserts I’ve ever seen and I have no idea how these bakers come up with their ideas. This is a very fun show to watch and you quickly pick your favorites and it makes you want to head into the kitchen and make food. Bonus, who doesn’t love Australian accents?!

6. The Circle

Another reality show on the list! The Circle is about a house full of people who never meet each other. They create their own online profiles that the other contestants can see to learn more. They can only DM other players as well to get to know them. Throughout the show, they pick their favorite players to get verified and the bottom players can get dumped. One of my favorite parts about this show was that the contestants don’t have to play themselves in The Circle. They get to choose if they want to be themselves or a catfish in the game. When a player is eliminated, they are able to reveal their true self. This is such a fun show to watch and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of the players living together but only being able to judge based on each other’s profiles.

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This one was recommended to me by a friend of mine since I also love Riverdale. This has a great teen supernatural vibe to it and can actually get pretty deep. I’m sad that this show has been cancelled because I believed there was still a lot to uncover, but the casting is perfect and it’s a very enjoyable (and quick) watch.

8. World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

I couldn’t make this list without putting something relating to houses. If you love amazing homes and also travel, take a peek at this show. The hosts travel around the world to find some of the coolest tree houses, open-air homes, and pools! This really made me want to go look at ALL the homes for sale and travel to these amazing places. This is a show you’ll want to stay attentive to so you don’t miss all the amazing homes!

9. Iron Fist

This one is an oddball on the list for me. I have hardly seen any Marvel movies (judge me now it’s okay), but my boyfriend and I started watching this one together. It’s got a lot of action and really good character development. When Season 2 came out I actually got it finished before he did. It’s an enjoyable show and was definitely a change from what I usually watch in the best way! I watched it awhile ago, so my recollection is spotty, but there is a stellar cast and it’s a quick watch for sure.

10. 13 Reasons Why/You

Okay okay I know I said top 10 but I had to add another just for good riddance. I also know that the first show can cause a real stir, so if you’ve heard anything about the show and made up your mind, then there’s a different show here for you! I thought 13 Reasons Why covered some really important topics, but it did get dragged on for an extra season than it needed to. I respect people’s comfort levels and there are a lot of triggers within the show. I swear that You is coming straight from the writers of Criminal Minds. It seems like a light show at first, but hold on to your hats folks because it turns dark fast! I also didn’t enjoy season 2 as much as season 1, but each episode will definitely leave you wanting answers.

Now of COURSE there are a few very notable shows (Stranger Things) that are omitted from this list because I have not had the opportunity to watch. The “My List” tab on Netflix is still very long. If there are some shows that I’ve seen and you haven’t check them out! You might just find your next show to binge watch.

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