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Majors as Colors- Which Hair Dye Color You Should Choose and What It Says About Your Major

By Ashley Kuk

College is a time for self-exploration, to find yourself and experiment with different looks, experiences, majors, interests. I took this newfound freedom that college gave me to do something I’ve wanted to do for years - dye my hair.

I’ve had six different hair colors ranging from purple the shade of Barney the Dinosaur to crimson red, receiving varying reactions and having fun photo shoots. I’ve also dealt with all of the struggles that come with dyeing my hair - from stained towels and hands, to a more extreme neon purple streak running down my spine. Funny enough, every time I changed my major, I dyed my hair again. Almost as if to say, “this is the new me, this is my major!”

As someone who bounces between interests and hobbies very quickly, I knew that I needed dye that would help me keep up with my ever-changing moods. After experiences with three different hair dye brands, I’ve settled for Arctic Fox Hair Dye - a vegan, cruelty-free hair dye made in California that is long-lasting, fades beautifully, and smells like grapes. They also have a huge range of hair colors that, if paired with their diluter, can help you create any color of the rainbow.

Purple Rain - Psychology Major

Psych majors are intelligent and bold, sometimes acting as the royalty of college majors. They take pride in their field and joke about how they can ‘analyze’ you - even though that’s not really what psychology is. However, they do know how to train you, according to Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning - so don’t trust Psych major Liz when she rings a bell every time she offers you a piece of gum. A deep, royal purple like Purple Rain is perfect for the Psych Major to show you who is really in charge.

Neverland - Theater Major

Theater majors are dramatic and energetic, belting show tunes at the drop of a hat and explaining that being dropped by their fellow actors while being carried off stage after a death scene is ‘common’ and how the bruise on their hip is ‘all part of the job’. Theater majors are also some of the most creative people on the planet, meaning that their outward appearance needs to shine as much as their personality. A pastel mint green named after Peter Pan’s home is the perfect color for your resident actor!

Wrath - Engineering/CS Major

If they have to explain one more time about how they need as much paper allowance as an English major gets, you’re really going to see them rage! Every engineering major I’ve met is smart as a whip and unbelievably stressed out. Most of the information that they have to learn and write 10 page papers on would make anyone else’s head burst, but their determination to crush every obstacle thrown their way burns red hot. A fiery red named Wrath is suitable for the high-strung, stubborn Engineer.

Cosmic Sunshine - Education Major

You are my Sunshine~ is something you say to either your SO or cute little kids. Education majors absolutely adore working with kids and aren’t afraid to get a little messy - whether it be in arts and crafts, or helping with lunch time. Their personalities are bright and sunny, warming any room they set foot in. No other color besides the sunny yellow Cosmic Sunshine would be better for the Education Major in your life.

Aquamarine - Creative Writing/English Major

Roses are red, thine hair shall be blue… Creative Writing/English majors are creative in almost the same way as Theater majors, except that they are more introverted and are also a tiny bit anxious. They’re also never seen without some form of notebook with hastily scribbled poems or a world building book filled with sticky notes and tabs. Give them a couple of hours and they’ll also have a perfectly worded comeback to that argument you had this morning. Aquamarine is great for your calm, creative English/Writing major.

Rainbow - Undecided Major

Every color in the rainbow… If you’re undecided in what you want to do when you grow up, and hate it when your family members always ask, “Wait, what are you majoring in again?”, then maybe it’s a good idea to just go for it all. No commitment means no strings holding you down - so shoot for the stars, you undecided wonder! Every color is perfect for every major, especially if you don’t have one!

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