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Long Distance Relationships Do Not Need to be a Disaster!

I have been in two long distance relationships thus far in my life. The first one, to be blunt, was a disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. That's why when I met my current boyfriend, I was extremely hesitant when considering entering a long distance relationship. We met in March of 2018, and with only two months before Summer break, I didn't know if I could commit to starting a serious relationship long distance. However, two years later and I am so happy I did! Long distance relationships do not have to be a disaster. In fact, it is pretty simple to maintain a long distance relationship if both parties are willing to put in effort. During the Coronavirus pandemic, couples who are not quarantining together are being ordered to stay at home, and thus, have already gone a few months without seeing their significant other in person. If you are in a long distance relationship, contemplating entering a long distance relationship, or are looking for advice on how to handle long distance during the Coronavirus, check out the tips below!


I put this tip in capital letters because it is probably the most important tip I could give to someone in a long distance relationship. COMMUNICATE! Communication is important for any relationship, but specifically for long distance. When I say communication, I don't only mean through text messaging. In fact, it if often difficult to understand the tone of a text message. I know first hand I've sent something to my boyfriend and thought it sounded sarcastic whereas he though I was genuinely annoyed. So yes, communicate through text but make time for Facetimes or phone calls. Lastly, if you are annoyed at your significant other or need more from them, just communicate that. The longer you hold it in the more problems it is going to cause.

Tip #2- Set a Date to Look Forward to

When in a long distance relationship, it is very common to get caught up in the amount of time you have spent apart. However, instead of focusing on the amount of time spent apart, shift your mindset to focusing on the next time you will see one another. Setting a date for you both to look forward to will make the time pass more quickly and allow you to have something to look forward to.

Tip #3-Have Virtual Dates

With Zoom and Facetime, it is very easy to set up a "date" night with your significant other. Plan on watching a movie together via Netflix Party, or plan a happy hour! There are endless possibilities for virtual dates and doing this one night a week will make you forget about the distance, at least for a little while.

Tip #4-Be Committed

I'm going to be honest, long distance relationships only truly work when both parties are 100% committed. Take the time to let your significant other how much they mean to you, and be willing to do whatever it takes to make the distance work.

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