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In Honor of The Pen

By: Colleen Joyce

This is an ironic message to be sharing- the importance of writing on a blog that follows talented writers. Obviously, we love writing. While I cannot speak for everyone who does write for College on Tap, I can make the general assumption that the reason we spend our weeks writing for a blog, we most certainly must love writing- which is why I must apologize and announce a disclaimer. This post will revolve around writing and why writing is essential to a human being. Now, you may say I am a biased source (which would be fair) but bear with me as I share with you why we as humans must write.

First and foremost, writing is essential to academia. It is incredibly difficult to find a class- both in high school and college- that does not require some form of writing. Writing is necessary for explaining broad concepts, examining stories, and being able to share your thoughts in a particular subject. And while you may very well despise the need for general education classes that require loads of writing, I would make the argument that learning to write is one of the greatest gifts we as students could be given. To become great thinkers, I think it is necessary to be confident in our writing skills.

Writing in an academic setting is not the only reason we should write. If that were the only case, I would perhaps begin to agree with the disliking of writing so prevalent in a significant portion of college students. But, without writing, we would lack an essential and exciting part of our lives. Journaling, for example, is wildly therapeutic. Writing down our thoughts, feelings, and emotions can both help us express ourselves, as well as give an outlet for our feelings. For some, speaking about how they feel can be incredibly challenging- which is precisely where writing can come in! Pick up that pen and lay it all out.

Without writing, we wouldn’t have little notes! Writing love letters seem old fashion, but really, who wouldn’t love a long message full of sappy nothings about how wonderful they are. How else would you express your love to your friends or your roommates on an early Sunday morning without a little Post-It note riddled with heart doodles and appreciate for them? These little notes are such a lovely surprise. In defense of the pen, we may never get these sorts of tangible and appreciative letters or notes- perhaps writing one right now may incite an undying love for the pen!

These are just a few examples as to why writing is so essential to our being. It is vital to our academics, our wellbeing, and our relationships. An ode to the pen is most certainly in order- let us write a writing article!

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