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I Can't Believe I'm Graduating

By: Candice Zhang


Why did the time come so quick honestly? Don’t get me wrong, here, but compared to four, two, three, or whatever years the program takes, ONE YEAR is like a sprint. They always say that college is a marathon and we should enjoy our four years but for heaven’s sake, reaching the last year in itself is unbelievable.

I don’t want to reflect on the ‘Back to School’ season since I know I’ll be busy and bombarded with assignments. But the bigger picture for all of the seniors out there is the unpredictable job market and non-academic related events. Throughout college, we all strive for that one leadership position and find that one club suitable for us. And then, when our last year arrives, we suddenly have to say goodbye.

But why? Why does it have to come this quick? What will the future hold other than student loans, tireless job hunting, and the aching real-estate market? Fear and adulting just looms ahead of us. We don’t know the correct path as life continues to present us with obstacles, making us diverge from our plans.

Regardless of the events, what happens if we just took this year slowly? And steadily?

Indeed, graduation is scary but we cannot always drown ourselves in the pressure of saying goodbye. Holding on to our friends and reminiscing the unforgettable memories are more important than that. Working hard towards achieving the GPA we always wished for and keeping up with a good internship is also important for us. Making sure we care for ourselves and hang out (admist the social distancing restrictions) should be on our bucket list as well.

Most importantly, we have to learn how to say goodbye properly.

A goodbye to college is not like a goodbye in high school. This goodbye can mark the start of a journey of fulfillment, growth, and personal development. It can also mark the start of higher education, whether you are thinking of becoming a doctor in your field. Unlike high school, this goodbye may be the final or first goodbye to post-secondary education. Overall, a goodbye to college is a goodbye for the first four years of academic and social freedom. But before that goodbye, don’t fret and enjoy your time.

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