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How To Fight Back To School Blues

By: Angel Bruno

For some people back to school season is all they have been waiting for because it’s honestly such an exciting time you get to see friends, and take classes you're excited about. However, the point of this article is mainly to help get back into the swing of the year if you are someone who struggles with jumping back into school work or is nervous about living with someone you may not know. This back to school season is very different from previous ones but it is back to school season nonetheless so this article will just be my opinions and rituals that I feel make the process of going back to school easier. Disclaimer these may not work for you or they might be exactly what you’ve been working for, use them at your own discretion.

First thing is if you are living with a new roommate try to get in touch with them about your preferences of what the apartment/ dorm rules you both want to establish. This is essential for alleviating some of the move in stress but also remember to keep this conversation light hearted and open to avoid seeming too domineering. It is beneficial to start on the right foot with roommates as they will probably live with you for the majority of the year.

Second, buy or design a planner that you are genuinely excited about using. Planners and to do lists are great for keeping school work and extracurricular activities organized. Organization is great for helping to reduce your stress about missing assignments or forgetting activities. It doesn't have to be a planner either whatever method you prefer for staying organized whether that be a dry erase board or post it notes but establish your preferred organizational system for the year.

Lastly, getting in touch with people at school helps to calm homesickness. Obviously most in person meetings and classes have been cancelled to help everyone stay safe so you can always coordinate a group zoom call with some of your friends to catch up. If you are new to school then I would advise following your schools’ social media pages and trying to connect with incoming students such as yourself through school hashtags. That way you can have some connections at your new school and classmates who you can share your experiences with who will understand how you feel during the process of going back to school.

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