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How To Effectively Write An Essay

By: Angel Bruno

If you’re anything like me and a majority of the college population you probably dread some part of the essay writing process whether that be the beginning, developing the thesis, or making an outline. So this is a short list of tricks I have developed, seen on Twitter, and heard from my friends that I think will be really helpful for those who may struggle with essay writing.

  1. Make an outline of your main points. Mind you, the points don't have to be super fleshed out but enough for you to understand the points you have to make before going in and writing the whole paper. This will keep your paper on track and make it easier to decide how to develop your paper as you continue to write.

  2. For developing a thesis, begin with what you want to say, that's all. Once you think of what you want then figure out three ways that you can prove what you think is true or validate your thesis. Lastly, format the thesis in the recommended format that you can find on most writing help websites and you can usually make a pretty strong thesis to build off of.

  3. Develop a thesis statement first then build you main points from there. If your thesis is specific enough it will help to keep your writing organized and increase continuity.

  4. Proofread your essay at multiple checkpoints. This helps to keep the final revision process short because you have been consistently checking your writing. Also, it helps you to keep the voice you are writing in the same and your point as cogent as possible.

  5. If you have any ideas that pop into your head while writing be sure to write them down as soon as they come to mind. This seems self explanatory but even the most random thoughts I have while writing papers have turned into good body paragraphs when you flush it out and develop the thought more.

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