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How I Made $500 Selling Old Items Online

"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure," is my mantra while selling online. It’s amazing how the things that you think are completely useless, others are willing to pay pretty good money for. Right now, I’m going to walk you through my top tips to make a good chunk of money this summer.

First, I definitely recommend selling on Mercari. I had never heard of it until my friend recommended it, but now it’s my absolute favorite app to sell on. I have used eBay in the past, but I think they have a lot of flaws with their selling process that Mercari simplifies. I could go on a whole rant about eBay, but that’s for another time. Anyways, Mercari is the app to use. People buy and sell so many different things on this app, and there are so many people looking to buy what you have.

Sell things with a name brand is another huge tip. Anything that didn’t fit me anymore with like Nike on it or even American Eagle is a pretty big hit on the app. Something that people know about that would be easy to search and things that can sell really well. Mercari is also pretty big on people who sell technology, so if you have old devices laying around those will sell really quick too.

It’s important to sell good things that people will want but DO NOT sell things you still use!! I’m talking all the junk that’s been sitting in your closet, or I’ve even found things in bins in my basement. Literally the most random areas that no one even looks at anymore, clearly not being used. You will be able to make extra cash, but not more than the item is worth if it still has valuable to you. Almost all clothing depreciates over time so it’s not like your selling collectibles. Obviously, that is an option you could pursue, but I’ve found it really helps me to focus on simple items that you don’t need a lot of knowledge to be able to sell. Collectibles like old coins or sports cards can be tricky so I avoid markets like that. Clothing and other little household tools or toys I have had the most success with.

Now that I’m running out of things to sell, I have begun to buy and sell which is an option. As I mentioned before, keep it simple! I had a 50% markup on a Jersey I found that was priced really cheap. A jersey is a clothing item and pretty easy to guess what it’s valuable could be. Clothes are also really easy and cheap to ship, so it is a good starting point to buy and sell. Your profit margins won’t be as large as selling things lying around your house, but you will feel more accomplished knowing that you successfully flipped an item.

Lastly, you have to find a balance of patience and not overpricing. Obviously, you want things to sell, but it won’t all happen overnight. Don’t underprice just to get rid of things faster. Price appropriately and wait it out a bit. On the other hand, don’t be determined that an item is worth $50 if it simply is not. Slowly lower your prices overtime and eventually someone will send an offer in. Some things I sold I only made like 5 dollars off of, but it adds up fast, and helps get rid of unwanted clutter. It’s all about finding a balance and being smart. Happy selling and let us know how much you make on Mercari! If you use this code, you can get a free $30 dollars as well! This is the best way to make money, literally without even getting out of bed!

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