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Zodiac Signs of The Office Characters

*Disclaimer: This is simply for fun and entertainment purposes!*

Guest Writer: Meredith Melendy

Michael Scott - Aries

With his fiery, passionate, go-getter attitude, Michael screams Aries energy. Michael never backs down from getting what he wants. Let’s not forget his competitive side either. Season 1, episode 5? Michael was NOT losing that basketball game. “That’s what she said!” -Michael Scott

Stanley Hudson - Taurus

Taurus is a fixed sign, and Stanley is as stubborn as they come. Stanley has no tolerance for chaos and drama, which is exactly what Michael brings to their workspace everyday, eventually resulting in a mild heart attack in season 5. Let’s not forget Stanley’s affair either...Taurus is ruled by Venus - the planet of LOVE. Stanley is a lover which may or may not have gotten the best of him in Season 6.

Kelly Kapur - Gemini

Gemini is an air sign and ruled by Mercury usually meaning they like to communicate and gather info. Kelly definitely loves to get her fair share of the tea and boy does she like to TALK. She isn’t afraid of confrontation if it means she can get to the bottom of Michael’s antics. She even admits it herself: “I talk a lot, so I learn to tune myself out.

Jim Halpert - Leo

Jim, AKA Big Tuna, the star of the show and the man himself. He exudes so much Leo energy and we love him for it. I know I do. From cracking all the jokes, to getting the girl (Pam), Jim is the life of the party whether Michael wants to admit it or not.

Phyllis Vance - Cancer

Phyllis is one of the more caring and accepting characters, characteristics often associated with Cancer energy. Cancer is often referred to as the mother of the Zodiac signs and we can’t forget when Phyllis was referred to as “Mama Goose”. Even Ryan said that Phyllis gave off a “mother” look or vibe to him in the Garage Sale episode in Season 7.

Angela Martin - Virgo

The head of the Party Planning Committee, no one takes their job more seriously than Angela, a trait typical of Virgos. Virgos strive to find purpose and perfection, a goal that Angela seems to aim for in every episode, especially when planning any of the parties. Let’s not forget when she said she’d bring the book “A Purpose Driven Life” with her to a deserted island, along with the Bible of course.

Pam Beesley - Libra

The goal for Libra is to find inner harmony amongst the chaos, a skill that Pam develops effortlessly in her time as the receptionist. Libra, along with Taurus, is ruled by Venus (the planet of love), which is unsurprising as Pam develops feelings for Jim while she is in the middle of breaking off her unhappy marriage. Libras don’t like conflict and, although Pam begins to find her voice later on in the show, she doesn’t like conflict either. Pam loves compromise and we love Pam.

Dwight Shrute - Scorpio

The Assistant to the Regional Manager is never without a plan, living every minute in the office as if it were his last, an aim of many Scorpios. Scorpios are passionate and Dwight definitely shows this in his passion and desire for Angela throughout the show. Scorpios also want to figure out the truth behind secrets and, when Oscar played hooky to go on a date with his secret boyfriend, Dwight was sure to spy on his coworker and uncover the truth.

Andy Bernard - Sagittarius

With plenty of experiences under his belt before and after working at Dunder Mifflin, from attending Cornell to eventually quitting his sales job to be an entertainer, Andy is an optimistic and fiery character who loves adventure, all typical of Sag. Sagittarius is a fire sign which shows most when Andy is required to attend anger-management training for his outburst after finding his calculator in jello, pushing him to the point of kicking a trash can across the office.

Oscar Martinez - Capricorn

Oscar is both practical and a hard-worker. In Season 8, he even learns that he is one of Robert California’s (the new boss) favorites. Capricorns take their work seriously and are focused on their own interests which can make them seem cold despite their intelligence. Oscar is smart but often annoyed by the ridiculous daily chaos at Dunder Mifflin. He simply doesn’t have the time for it.

Ryan Howard - Aquarius

Aquarians are often the innovators of the Zodiac signs who represent individuality. Ryan is a unique individual, constantly changing his style, and his career goals for that matter. He even dyes his hair blonde at one point. Aquarians are great at going against the grain, which Ryan does when he tries to convince everyone in Season 8 that “The List” is flawed and his side is actually the winners side. Ryan marches to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it.

Meredith Palmer - Pisces

Pisces often try to escape reality, with one method being alcohol, and Meredith loves her whiskey. Pisces aim to let go of the harsh obligations of life which Meredith demonstrates to an extreme. From wedging her minivan into a parking place that is way too small to exposing herself multiple times and urinating in the street, it’s pretty clear that Meredith is doing her best to “let go” of reality.

*All photos are credited to The Office Wiki-Fandom*

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