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Eating on the East Coast

By: Brianna Gadaleta

The East Coast has lots of attractions, landmarks, parks, historic sights and many other treats to offer, but the one thing us east coasters are extremely proud of, is our impeccable food that can’t be copied anywhere else. After coming back from college, a vacation, or any long time away from home, natives on the east coast can’t wait to dine on their delicious, famous foods.

Starting with the tip of the coast, when in Maine there is only one food that comes to mind: Lobster. Whether it's a salad, soup, or you want to crack it open yourself, you’ll be coming back for more; don’t worry there is no shortage of it too. Almost every restaurant in the biggest city of Maine, Portland, offers some sort of lobster dish. The most popular form of the seafood is a lobster roll; the lobster is served on a hot-dog style bun topped off with seasonings, butter and sometimes even scallions or celery. Why just have a lobster when you can enjoy it in sandwich form! To make the dish even better, it's typically presented with a side french fries or crispy potato chips. On a hot summer day, it’s a great cold meal to cool down with while enjoying the beautiful Maine landscapes.

Skiing on the slopes of Killington or Stratton in Vermont? Well, you better get a taste of the sweet treat that is Vermont maple syrup. Although Canada has a great claim on this pancake topper, the very syrup you have in your cupboard is probably from Vermont. The home of the hermit thrush bird contains famous brands of maple syrup such as Coombs Family Farms, Butternut Mountain Farm and Shay’s Sugar Shanty. Whatever type of syrup you prefer, if you are a lover of chicken and waffles, pancakes or french toast, head up to Vermont to get a bottle or two.

Next up on the road trip is the home of the Plymouth Colony and the New England Patriots. Massachusetts offers lots of famous east coast dishes in different regions of the state, especially on the coast and in the city. Yet, there is one consistency. One dish can’t seem to be replicated in any other state to the caliber that Massachusetts’ restaurants have shown, that fare is New England clam chowder. Although I’m a fellow New Yorker, Manhattan clam chowder can’t compete with the rich, creamy flavors of the New England version. In general, clams and other shellfish are deeply embedded into the food identity of the coast of Massachusetts. Check out this dish when in Red Sox country if you're a lover of soups and shellfish!

Don’t come to New York if you’re on a diet, because the tempting aromas of hundreds of different foods creeping on every corner, will convince you to try just about everything. New York has various options of food to try within the five boroughs, up to Ithaca. Regardless if you are enjoying Little Italy in Lower Manhattan or hounding down a bacon, egg and cheese from a local bodega, everybody craves the fresh bagels and steaming pizza from New York. There is a reason why your New York friends aren’t satisfied with out of state pizza or bagels, it's because once you’ve tasted the good life, you can’t go back. Head down to Zucker’s Bagels, Russ & Daughters, Tal Bagels, Murray’s Bagels for an authentic New York Bagel; don’t be shy with your order, put some lox with that cream cheese! If you’re more into pizza visit Roberta’s, Joe’s Pizza, Deninos and Di Fara for fluffy dough and unforgettable sauce.

Traveling in the Old Line state and don’t know what to get for dinner? Similar to Maine having lobster as their staple, the state of Maryland is famous for their various dishes of the lobster’s cousin, crab. Don’t miss out on trying Maryland crabs in soups, crab imperial, soft shelled crab and the fan favorite, crab cakes. These are not just any old crabs, they are blue crabs, coined as the “Maryland Crab”, caught in the Chesapeake Bay. So if one form of crab isn’t your type, there are plenty of options to choose from when experiencing the great twenty three counties of Maryland.

Every morning when you drink that cup of o-j it’s likely from major brands such as Tropicana, Florida’s Natural, and Simply Orange. If you haven't realized by now all of those well known juices come from none other than the Sunshine state. If you are not convinced that Florida is the place to try oranges, you should know the state produces seventy percent of America’s citrus; even if you don’t visit Florida the likelihood of you consuming a citrus product from there is extremely high. But, if you have the chance to eat a refreshing orange straight from the tree, definitely don’t miss that opportunity.

Just a state above orange territory, holds the land of the peaches! Similar to Florida, mostly all of the peaches produced in the United States come from Georgia. It is also known to grow the highest quality peaches in America which puts them higher in demand. The peach growing business became the new alternative to cotton crops, due to the abolition of slavery. So if you ever find yourself in the home of the Atlanta Hawks and want a yummy snack, opt for the scrumptious southern fruit, that won't be as satisfying in any other state.

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