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DIY Jacket

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This jacket idea is super simple and can transform any subpar windbreaker into a trendy jacket! I had this super plain royal blue rain jacket. It's light and comfortable to wear but I never do because it is just super boring looking. I found a bag of old patches laying all around that we're all really cool looking. they are all different shapes, from different locations in the world, and I thought to myself I could make this work. What I did was super simple and the results we're pretty good!

I bought this stuff called Badge Magic, you could sew it on too but I don't know how to do that kind of thing. I bought a few pieces on badge magic which are a regular piece of paper size, but it's double sides tape that you can attach to fabric. I traced and cut out the badge magic in the size of all the patches. There are probably like 15-20 total and I am REALLY bad at artistic skills, but I actually found this super easy and doable.

Next I had to plan out which patches I wanted on the front and back of the jacket, and easy picked out a few for the sleeves. I stuck them on with the Badge Magic and tried to press reallyyyy hard to it would stick. I really liked the final product! The jacket is super cute and looks ~retro~ so it will be definitely something I wear if I ever leave my house again. The process only took about half an hour and cost near to nothing to make a jacket something I would wear again. I'm sure also if you did not have patches lying around your house you can find some on the internet for really cheap. I recommend using either Ebay or Etsy to try to find some that have been used before but also well taken care of.

My only update about this jacket is that Badge Magic a few days later turns out to be not as hype as I made it in the beginning of this article. A few of my patches fell off but most of them hold on. It's because of the way I put the jacket away. So if you do this with Badge Magic I recommend hanging the jacket up right away and not bending it at all where the patches lay. Otherwise you'll end up with a few on the ground like me. I still really like the jacket but if you want this done the best way possible, it would probably take sewing them on. So if anyone knows how to sew let me know!

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