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DIY: How To Bleach Dye Your Clothes

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Recently there has been a trend to bleach dye jeans and shirts. Everybody who posts themselves doing this project makes it look very simple, cost effective, and trendy. I was wondering if it’s actually this simple or if people will try this and end up ruining perfectly good clothes. I found some positives to doing this to clothes and also some negatives. I’ll walk through the steps I took and then if you like the result can try (to do better than me) yourself! Final result below!

To bleach one leg of the jeans first you want to take jeans, tape with duct tape a line down the middle of the pants, front and back. Then pour bleach and spread it around the whole side of the pant leg front and back. Make sure it is completely covered. Let it sit 15-20 minutes before washing in cold water.

To bleach dye a shirt, follow the classic process for any tie dye project by twirling different section and holding it together with rubber pants. Then I took the bleach and kind of poured at random all over the shirt. After this I let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then cold washed.

Pretty simple, right? It definitely is a fun, simple project and can leave you with a fresh look for some of your worn clothes. I’ve attached pictures of the final result at the bottom.

Warnings: First, be very careful with the pants!!! I messed up and split some bleach that seeped to the other side and they don’t look that good now. If that hadn’t happened, I would totally wear them out. Be deliberate with the tape and you could even maybe put the leg you’re not bleaching in a plastic bag to avoid spillover because that will RUIN the project very quickly. Another warning is that bleach smells like a lot, and can stain ANYTHING. Use extreme caution to got get bleach on anything else around your house. Also, I did it inside my house, and I almost recommend doing it outside. I dyed inside my bathtub and the whole floor of my house smelled like bleach and I had to open all the windows. Be careful of this!

Overall, I think the shirt turned out really nice. The shirt used to be my brother’s and with a quick crop and bleach dye it now is a trendy shirt I can wear! The pants would’ve looked really good if I didn’t mess them up, so if you are a careful person I would give that a try too. This was a fun, cheap, and simple project so as long as you can be careful and follow instructions well I would give it a try to up your wardrobe too!

Here are picture of the front and back of both items.

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