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Diet to Lose Weight... Fast!

As summer is upon us now, some people may be realizing they did not use their quarantine time wisely and did not lose that weight they gained while at college. We’re here to help! Losing weight can be a real challenge, but with the right balance of exercise and diet it is very possible. The key to losing weight is to do it in a healthy manner. This means not getting operations done for fast results, or extreme fasting. The key to a successful diet is having one that is sustainable. The diet I am suggesting today is quite extreme but will only take a month or two to lose anywhere from 6-15 pounds in a HEALTHY manner. After that, you will want to loosen the restraints of this diet but still keep some of the principles in mind.

This is a yeast and dairy free diet. You can do an easy google search to find out all the foods that have yeast if that is more of a main focus, but for the purposes of trying to cut weight, there are a few main categories that fall into this yeast free category. Yeast free will mean no sugar or gluten. This takes away all breads, pasta, sweets, chips, or anything like that from your diet. The dairy free aspect means no milk, cheese, and ice cream just to name a few. If you’re anything like me you’re probably thinking, “Well, what the hell am I going to eat then?” There still are a lot of options for you! Any fruits, vegetables, and meats are all on the table. This should cover most of the food you will be eating on this diet. There are also additional snacks and specialty items you will be able to have. First, it’s a real game changer that you can still have rice and potatoes on this diet. This will be most of the starches you eat during the day. Also, there are key substitutes that will keep you happy and on track with the diet.

Instead of milk try almond or soy milk.

Instead of sugar try stevia.

Instead of cocoa powder try cacao powder. (yes, it is a thing)

Instead of chips try popcorn (with no butter) and Pop corners

Instead of butter try margarine

These trades will help curve some of your cravings and allow for you to find some items you’ll be able to bake. Just really be careful of watching how much sugar you are taking in. If you want to see the most weight loss you can, I’d limit the amount of starches like potatoes and rice you have. I would also limit the amount of sweets you try to bake with these different ingredients. This diet is definitely a challenge, but I think it allows for a lot of good food choices and freedom to not be constantly calorie counting. You will generally eat less than normal on this diet because of the limited food choices.

This diet is effective because processed foods are the devil that surrounds us every day. We all have yeast inside of our stomach, but feeding it more yeast or sugar, grows this into a bigger issue. These are the kind of foods that create unwanted fat in our body. By eliminating these foods, we give ourselves an opportunity to not only lose weight but feel better. Dairy also can be extremely fattening and upsets most people’s stomachs at least to some degree. It’s important to eliminate this as well. Of course, this would be very difficult to sustain for a lifetime which is why that is not the goal. One or two months on this diet, paired with good exercise most days of the week, will result in healthy weight loss. After that, it’s important to maintain your new weight. You can introduce some of these foods back, but everything in moderation, and avoid the really bad processed foods at all costs. If you have any questions about this diet, contact us! This diet has left me feeling great, down 12 pounds, and I still haven’t had to sacrifice all the foods that I love. Also, slowly, I will be getting other ones back but know that I cannot gorge myself again with fattening foods.

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