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Confessions of a Shopaholic...Well Kinda?

Okay, this post is a little different than most of the articles you have seen thus far on College On Tap. I'm not sure if this is a rant, or me looking to see if anyone else is in a similar boat. Maybe I'll even through in a few tips here and there. This post has a central purpose, and that purpose is to address a meme. I read a meme the other day that is probably the most relatable thing I have ever seen, and being a blogger led me to write about it. The meme said..."My favorite hobby is shopping online for three hours and not buying any of it." Please tell me i'm not the only person who does this?? You know when you go on Tik Tok and think you're going to stay on for a few minutes and next thing you know it's five hours later and dark outside? It's kind of like that. I will go on Free People, Urban Outfitters, Ruby & Jenna, etc. for two hours straight and put just about everything in my cart but never seem to buy it. My biggest kryptonite? Easy, SHOES. Shoes really are a girl's best friend, and for those who disagree, they just don't know where to shop (they probably do, that was harsh). Maybe I never buy anything because I'm a broke college student, but there is honestly nothing wrong with treating yourself every once an a while. So, I decided to set a few rules for myself when it comes to shopping.

Rule #1-Do Not Buy Something That is Not Versatile

Yes, for some occasions you may need a pair of shoes, a dress, or a new purse. However, make it a habit to purchase items that you know you can wear again.

Rule #2- Shop the Sales

This is a very important tip, especially during the Coronavirus. Shop. The. Sales!!! There are tons of sales going on right now, and shopping the sales will help you save a lot of money.

Rule #3- Use the Honey Extension

Honey may be one of the greatest extensions every created. Honey, which I have discussed before on our blog, is a google chrome extension that automatically applies coupons at checkout when shopping online. You will save so much money using this.

Rule #4- Designate Time for Larger Shopping Sprees

Growing up, my mom would always take my sister and I on shopping sprees prior to the start of the school year, right before winter time, and prior to the Summer. Designating times where you will have larger shopping sprees will prevent you from spending money all the time on clothes.

Rule #5- Treat Yourself

This is the easiest rule to follow. Don't be afraid to treat yourself every once an a while.

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