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Those who have been following College On Tap from the start know that there have been a lot of changes within the business since the start. As with any business, there are always growing pains and we are still working through them. College On Tap has always been about being for college students by college students and that still holds true today. For now, we are focusing more on our clothing brand, but you can expect further initiatives to pick back up or start when the timing is right.

At the current moment, on top of our clothing line which does promote alcohol consumption, we want to make our stance on drinking very clear. And simply put, that is to drink responsibly. Although drinking has become quite central in our society, it also has its dangers and leads to the hospitalizations and sometimes death of college students every year. That's why College On Tap wants to use our platform to promote safe practices while drinking and provide useful tips that may really help someone. So join us on the continuation of our journey and have fun, but be responsible.

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