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Best Ways To Make Money While Stuck At Home

Even with the holiday excitement, you're still sitting at home for almost a month this winter break.  You get to see your old friends, do some activities with family, and then eventually you find yourself getting quite bored.  While you're sitting around scrolling through Instagram, you remember that your bank account is running low. What are some easy ways to make money? Below are easy, doable tips to make extra money.

1. Sell Your Old Things

When you leave for college, there are still many items that you leave behind at home. If you take a good look, you’ll see that you do not really need all of these items just sitting around, and they actually might be worth something. Look up the potential values online and then figure out what yours may be worth. If it’s more of a collectors item, be certain of your price so you do not undersell and get ripped off. Then take pictures of your items and sell! Ebay is obviously one of the most popular sites to sell on, but there are others too. You can sell more artistic things on Etsy, clothes on a multitude of services such as Poshmark and Mercari, and many stores will let you trade in technology. I have personally found the most success using Ebay and Mercari. Almost all of my items that have been posted on these sites have sold!

 2. Freelance Online Jobs 

With a simple google search, students can find a multitude of available freelance writing and editing jobs. These opportunities usually can be done right from the comfort of your laptop. One example of a freelance job that is often promoted through social media is paid survey-taking for companies. Once completing a required number of surveys, the company will provide a payment through Paypal.

3. Do work for your family

There are always small tasks that need to be done at home, so why not offer help? Parents are always looking to incentivize their children into helping around the house. Ask your parents if there are any at-home chores that would require your help, and see if you can make a little cash from it. If multiple family members require help, the money can start adding up quickly! Follow this tip especially during long school breaks, such as Winter or Summer!

Happy money making!

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