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Best Teeth Whitening!!

At some point in time, we all will fall culprit to food or drinks that stain our teeth. From wine, to fruit, to the favorite morning drink of most of the population--coffee. All of these products will cause a build up on your teeth. Whitening programs through your dentist can cost hundreds of dollars that insurance companies do not cover, resulting in many people turning to whitening strips found in their local pharmacy. However, even whitening strips can reach hefty prices, being about $45.00+ for only 14 days worth of whitening. The worst part, the majority of the time whitening strips do NOT work. Whitening strips contain minuscule amounts of whitening agents (hydrogen peroxide), so although they may remove any surface stains, they do not effectively turn your teeth white. Below I will list my favorite teeth whitening product, as well as an at-home alternative you can do for free. I have found that both are more effective than whitening strips.

Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening

This is by far the best teeth whitening product I have used to date. It is $40.00 For the LED light and 6-month supply of whitening pens. They also sell the LED light and a 12-month supply of whitening pens at $75.00. Once you complete your supply, you can keep reordering the whitening pens. The website states that each pen lasts about 2 uses per day, for 2 days. However, each pen has lasted me way longer than that. I have been using this whitening system for about three weeks and have only needed two pens! This is the only teeth whitening system that I have seen a huge difference in the color of my teeth.



At-Home Alternative

This is an at-home alternative to use instead of paying for teeth whitening products. You combine 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. You then gently brush this on your teeth for about a minute, then wash. However, this can only be used about twice a week for two weeks to prevent eroding the tooth enamel.

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