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Best Swimwear Company for Affordable Prices!

Swimwear is surprisingly pricey. $40 for a top, $40 for a bottom, that’s INSANE! Even more affordable brands like Aerie and PacSun have bathing suits that range between $35-$60 for a set. While scrolling through Facebook, I discovered a brand called Cupshe. Cupshe has the trendiest swimsuits for an affordable price. At first, I was hesitant to buy a swimsuit from Cupshe. It seemed similar to the brand “Shein,” where the clothes are massed produced leading to a lower retail price. Shein is notorious for being hit or miss, so I was convinced my experience with Cupshe would be similar. Boy was I wrong. I ordered a two-piece set from Cupshe for $24.99 and I was not disappointed! The material was high-quality and the bathing suit overall was extremely comfortable. I was very impressed by my purchase.

A few days ago I came across another Cupshe ad on Facebook and had to buy another swimsuit from the company. Once again, I was not disappointed. The swimsuit was $24.99 for the set, and had great reviews online. I highly recommend this brand, whether you are balling on a budget or not. The swimsuits are comfortable, trendy, and you are bound to get compliments wearing them. Don't believe me? Check out hundreds of reviews on their site. You will not be disappointed!

Photo Credits go out to Cupshe. Check out more swimsuits at Cupshe.com !

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