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Best Shows to Binge Watch While Stuck at Home (Part 2)

What does a new month call for? Oh yeah, new shows to binge while quarantined! It does not seem like quarantine is going to be ending any time soon, at least that is the case for where I live. Every day I follow the same schedule. Wake up, eat breakfast workout, shower, eat lunch, then NETFLIX! Netflix has been killing the game recently with entertaining shows, with new shows seeming to appear every week. Below are some shows on Netflix that you should binge watch if you have not started already. Know of a binge-worthy show that is not on this list? Write it in the comment section below so we can check them out!

1. Outerbanks

Not much explanation is required for this show. The cast is HOT, the vibes are chill, and the plot will have you craving more. Plus, who wouldn't want to stare at John B. for 45 minutes? Netflix already renewed the show for two more seasons, but with COVID being unpredictable, it seems like the new seasons won't come out until 2021. However, don't let that stop you from binging now! I've already watched season 1 twice....

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a comedy series created by Mindy Kaling. Kaling stated in an interview that the show is loosely based on her life, which I did not know until I finished the first season. I had pretty low expectations when I started the show. I watched the trailer about ten times before I decided to commit to watching, and the only reason I started was because I had absolutely no other options for shows. I'm not going to lie, some of the scenes are straight cringey....to the point where you will feel like you are going through the embarrassing moments that the main character is. However, the show surprised me. I laughed out loud on multiple occasions, and every friend I recommended this show to binged it within three days and said it was hilarious. It's unclear if it will be renewed, but if you're looking for a laugh this is the show for you!

3. Dead To Me

This is another show I had pretty low expectations for. The show features Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, and James Marsden...so the cast itself is quite famous, but I wasn't too intrigued by the trailer. Nonetheless, I decided to give the show a chance. There are currently two seasons out, and after finishing both seasons the only reaction I have is WOAH! I mean maybe I just didn't pay close attention but to me, the show is so unpredictable. Every other episode there is an introduction to the plot that makes you go "HOLY SH*T, I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!" I would do anything to have season 3 out tomorrow because I have an endless list of questions following the season 2 finale.

4.Too Hot Too Handle

This show is some-what similar to Love Is Blind, but has a way hotter cast. Too Hot To Handle centers around a group of attractive males and females who sign up to live in a mansion in Mexico for a reality show, not realizing that they will be tasked with celibacy. For a group of sex-addicts, they were quite thrown off by this challenge, especially when they found out completely the challenge leads to a $100,000 reward. It's a reality show so you know you are going to be entertained.

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