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At Home Date Ideas

Just because we are quarantined does not mean every date night has to be sitting on the couch binge-watching Netflix. The majority of states have begun their phase plans to return to life before Coronavirus. However, it is completely normal to feel hesitant about returning to public exposure while Coronavirus is still present. In fact, many states have begun to see spikes in their case numbers. Check out these unique at-home date ideas to do with your significant other that does not require you to have public exposure!

Backyard Camping

Whether you are pitching a tent or creating a fort on your trampoline, backyard camping is a fun way to experience the outdoors without having to be in the woods. You have easy access to all of your necessities, but can cut yourself off from your electronic devices so that you and your significant other can enjoy each other's company without interruptions.

Wine Tasting and Charcuterie Board

This is a super easy date idea that requires minimal work but is delicious! Either order wine and food for a charcuterie curbside, or take a quick shopping trip! Purchase 5 bottles of wine, some cheese, and crackers and enjoy while watching the sunset!

Game Night

Create the ultimate game night with your significant other by playing 5-6 board games. Put on some fun music and get the competition started!

At-home Chopped

Have you ever seen the show Chopped on Food Network? Well....both you and your significant other should make a "surprise basket" for the other and then set a 30 minute timer to see who can create the best dish with the products that they found in their baskets! You'll have fun cooking alongside one another, while still maintaining a competitive spirit.

Outdoor Movie Night & Marshmallow Roasting

This last idea does require you to spend a little money prior to creating the date. Go to Amazon and buy the cheapest outdoor projector you can find (or use a TV) and set it up in your backyard. Grab some comfy chairs, pillows, and large blankets and snuggle next to the campfire. You'll get to watch a movie under the stars while roasting marshmallows for s'mores!

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