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Are You an Introvert Who Wants to Make Friends in College? No Problem, Here's How You Do It!

By: Angel Bruno

Are you an incoming freshman, transfer student, or just someone who wants to branch out more and meet new people? Would you consider yourself to be an introvert and think that will impact your availability to make new friends? Well I am here to tell you that it absolutely will not. As a professional introvert who has been a freshman then transferred schools thus going through that awkward getting to know people and acclimating to the school and its culture phase twice I can tell you a few things I've observed and give you some advice for your new journey.

The most important observation that I have made is that literally everyone is in some way uncomfortable being in spaces where they know virtually no one. Welcome week activities, joining a new club, or starting a new part time job are some of the most awkward experiences especially if you are going in alone so it is essential that you remember if you are feeling awkward then you can be sure that other people are too. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because that may just be how you find your friends. For example, at my transfer orientation I almost chose to sit in an auditorium row by myself but I randomly decided to sit by someone that I thought looked nice and she is now one of my best friends. It can be such a small action that can change things for you.

Do not be afraid of being yourself. People often try to put their best foot forward which is a great thing but don't take this to an extreme and be someone you are not. This is important because the friends you will make with a different personality will have to get to know the real you which they may not be expecting. While if you are yourself from the beginning then you will be more likely to attract people who you are genuinely compatible with. Example, if you go around telling everyone how much you love partying and you are in fact a homebody then you may find yourself with friends who want to go to parties when you would rather stay in and watch movies.

Lastly, remember it is okay to make only a handful of friends. It can feel like a race against the clock to find as many friends as possible but remember the old adage of “quality over quantity”, because this is crucial. I am always open minded to everyone I meet but you should also find that balance of making sure to nurture the relationships with friends you genuinely click with. Because it may feel like you did not meet many people if you have three friends but this does not account for all the people you can meet through those friends and other acquaintances that you may organically become close with.

Here are my quick tips for meeting people.

  1. Go to as many events that interest you as possible.

  2. Use your whole social meter for the entirety of the events that you do go to, make the most of the events.

  3. Don’t forget to genuinely enjoy your time with friends because there is more time in the future to enjoy being alone so cherish the moments you have with people.

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