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6 Underrated Must Have Items For Your Dorm/Apartment

By: Angel Bruno

If you are anything like I was, you have probably seen every Youtube video about college packing lists and dorm hauls out there, but as someone who has moved out of an apartment recently, I have the hindsight to tell you guys the top six items to bring. This will exclude obvious things like a bedding set and a shower caddy and it is mainly about avoiding excessive packing and including the important but often overlooked essentials.

1.Your top 20 most worn items.

Now this is not to say that you need to strictly bring 20 items of clothes but rather it gives you a good idea of the clothing you wear habitually and your favorites pieces. So the rest of the packing process will be you building off of your essentials and that will help to avoid over packing because wasting space in college dorms/ apartments isn’t ideal.

2. An activity that you enjoy/ want to practice

This is good for meeting people who are interested in the same things as you. This can be anything from bringing a hacky sack, a soccer ball, a game console, or a Dungeons and Dragons dice set. No matter what it is it will make organic conversations flow and open new opportunities for friends.

3. Desk lamp

Not many people have bragged about how great their dorm lighting is so take my advice as someone who has spent many nights straining my eyes, get a lamp if you can.

4. Stapler

This is one of the most underrated but essential college supplies, it will make life so much easier as well as save you so much time. It’s so hard to find working staplers on campus when you have paper due the same day as half the campus, so just trust me and invest in a mini stapler.

5. Bandaids/ First Aid in general

Also, another very underrated but necessary part of any dorm room or apartment is a first aid kit. I have seen many people get hurt or a cut and have nothing to cover their cuts and scrapes then have to wander around campus hurt to find something

6. House shoes.

The shoe option depends on if you are the type of person who never wore shoes in your house. If you are, this one is a must or if you have carpets that stain easily and are afraid of tracking any type of dirt with you then these are essential and honestly just way more comfortable especially in the winter.

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