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5 Ways To Stay Connected With Friends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You may have seen our article about how to focus on school work during the coronavirus pandemic, but how can we stay connected with our friends when they are miles away? Read our tips below for staying connected, and feel free to leave additional tips in the comment section!

1. Group Zoom Calls

Honestly Zoom>Facetime when it comes to talking in a group. If your squad wants to catch up, we recommend using Zoom. People have been doing all types of things on Zoom. Zoom drinking games like beer pong, thunderstruck, and more. We've seen people give their friends powerpoint presentations on random topics. Or you could just talk and catch up.

2. Phone Games

Words with friends is a great game option to pass some time. You can also play the GamePigeon games in iMessage. There are a bunch of games in there. For a group, Crazy 8's is basically uno and can get intense even over the phone.

3. Netflix Party

This new website netflixparty.com lets you watch a movie or show with your friends at the same time, and you can make comments in a chat bar. It's basically like watching with them right there. I'm sure, as per usual, it will take 3 hours to just pick the movie.

4. Make Group TikTok's

There are always new trends surfacing on TikTok. Grab a family member and do the HBS challenge, make a transition compilation with your friends, or finally learn the renegade. See how creative you and your friends can get, and maybe you'll be the next Charli D'amelio!

5. Reconnect With Old Friends

I'm sure you have some friends that you haven't talked to or seen in a while. With some extra free time stuck at home, this is a great time to rekindle old friendships. Shoot them a text or Facetime to have a good conversation with an old friend. During this troubling time, it's important to reach out to loved ones.

We hope this help cures some of your lacking social interactions. It's for sure not the same, but better than nothing!

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