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5 Drinking Games to Try Playing

This list has 5 drinking games you can play to make your pre-games or parties better. There are some classics in this list, and some you may have never heard of before. Here we have all the rules laid out for you! All of these games only involve a table, red solo cups, and some need a ping pong ball. Have fun, and as always, drink responsibly!

1. Slap or Stack Cup

2 ping pong balls; about 20-30 red solo cups; as many people around table can play

Both of these games are the exact same exact one minor variation. In the middle of the table there are cups (usually 20-30) filled with a little bit of a drink, and one cup filled all the way to the top. As many people who want to play should crowd around the table. The balls start in opposite corners, and only move counterclockwise around the table. The first two people each take a cup and drink the contents. Then, they must bounce the ball into the empty cup before passing it to the next player. If a player sinks the ball in the cup first try, they can pass the cup to whoever you want in the circle (usually people pass to the player next to the player with the other cup). When a player 1 makes the shot and the player 2 is who they would pass, player 1 will slap their cup away, or stack their cup onto that one. This cup(s) will then move to player 3, and player 2 has to take a new cup out of the middle and drink, before trying to sink the shot. The game keeps going around until there is only one cup left which is the full one. Whoever ends up with this cup has to chug out to end the game!

2. Connect 4

20-30 red solo cups; tape; 2 even numbered teams

Tape should be placed on the table to make grids that red solo cups can be placed in. You want a decent number of squares, but don’t do too many or the game will go by way too fast. Pick one part of the tape to be the bottom of the gameboard, where all the pieces must first go. One player on each team drinks a cup filled only a portion of the way. After drinking this, they flip cup. Once the cup lands they can put it wherever on the gameboard but must follow the connect 4 rules. So, this means the first cups have to go on the bottom and then the next cups can start to try to get 4 in a row. Once the cup is placed on the board, the next person can go. The first team to have 4 in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) wins! A good tip for this game is for every player to have 1 cup they drink and flip out of and then other cups that they use to place on the board. It makes the game a lot less messy and you won’t be drinking out of the same cups as everyone else all the time!

3. Catch Cup

2 red solo cups; at least 2 people

This game is super simple but can be funny and competitive. This is basically a game of don’t let the balloon hit the ground, except with red solo cups. One player at a time, will have a red solo cup in their hand. Another player throws a second cup in the air. The first player has the continuously keep trying to keep the cup off the ground until it lands in the cup in their hand. You cannot use any body parts to keep the cup up either. The only thing you can use to prevent the cup from falling, is the cup in your hand. If the cup lands on the floor, you drink. If the cups lands in your cup, everyone else drinks. Keep going around and see who the best at it is.

4. Relay Race

6 red solo cups; 4-6 people; 2 pong balls

This is a relay race that combines different types of drinking games. Ideal play would be two teams of three. Each team has one person on the end of the table and one in the middle. Each person also has a cup by them. The game starts with the players on one end drinking from their cup, and then shooting a pong ball into a cup at the other end. They keep shooting until they make the shot. Once the shot is made, the player on the other end, drinks what is in their cup, and then must bounce the ball into their cup. Once that shot is made, the person in the middle of the table drinks, and then does flip cup. First team to finish all of these wins. There are lots of variations to the relay race you can make as well such as players rotate through different positions, and it goes around multiple times. Find which way you like best and roll with that!

5. Beer Pong

20 red solo cups; 2 ping pong balls; 4 people.

Yes, everybody basically knows how the play beer pong, so I won’t go over the most basic of rules. However, there is always a lot of controversy as to what rules apply when, so I’m going to give a run-down of the rules the way they should be. For those not super into beer pong, this should also clear up some of what you see when playing.

If you’ve hit 2 cups in a row call “heating up” If you make a 3rd in a row call fire and you get your ball back. Keep calling fire until you miss.

If you and your partner hit a cup, you get balls back. If you get balls back and are on fire, you get your ball back a second time regardless of what happens with that shot.

Each team gets one rerack during the game and also gentleman’s when there are two cups left.

No reracks mid round (if partner shot and you haven’t yet, if you get balls back).

Rerack mid round if it is for gentlemen.

A bounce in is 2 cups, but a bounce can be slapped away.

Redemption happens after one team has hit all their cups. Unlimited reracks in redemption, and constant balls back if you hit a cup.

If both players on one team hit the last cup, redemption does not happen, automatic win.

Overtime is a triangle and one cup on top of the three. The top cup must be hit first before the others.

If you miss and you get your ball back before it hits the ground, or a player on the other team gets it, you get another shot. However, this must be a trick shot (off-hand or behind the back are most common).

Of course, there are some of the nuanced rules as well, but this covers most of what you should know to have a fun game of beer pong. Hope once quarantine is lifted you will have the opportunity to try some of these games for yourself! Remember they all include small portions of a drink inside the cup so no need to overdo it. Also, you can always play any of these with non-alcoholic drinks and still have a good time if you need. Once again, have fun and drink responsibly!

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