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10 Essentials for your College Dorm

Now that I have graduated college, I would like to consider myself a professional at moving. I went to school six hours away and I was constantly bringing things to campus or packing up my car for breaks to make more space in my dorm room. However, throughout my time in college, each year I was more prepared when moving. I maximized necessities and minimized unnecessary products that I once thought I needed. Below are ten essentials you need in your dorm room when moving in freshman year!

A Speaker

Trust me, you are going to wish you had a speaker when you are hanging with friends trying to jam to music from your laptop.

Extension Cords

Dorm rooms are very inconvenient when it comes to outlets. One of my dorm rooms had one outlet for me, and one for my roommate. How are we POSSIBLY going to plug everything in?? Make sure to bring 2-3 extension cords.


Make sure to bring a sweatshirt or jacket you do not care about. When you go out to parties or dances people will steal whatever jacket they see if it is cold outside. If you have a cheap jacket or sweatshirt, you won't be as upset if someone takes it. My winter Northface jacket was stolen at a school dance and I was left with no jacket for a few weeks until I was able to replace it.

Light Up Makeup Mirror

The lighting in most dorm rooms are mediocre to say the least. I highly suggest investing in a light up makeup mirror!

Mounting Putty

Command strips will rip off the paint on the walls in your college dorm. Get mounting putty to avoid dorm damages, or be prepared to gorilla glue slabs of paint and sheetrock back onto the wall.


I did not have a nightstand my freshman year and it was a pain in the ass to try to keep my water bottle, phone, and plants on my window sill. Having a night stand will give you a place to put all of these items as well as extra storage.

Phone Wallet

Skip the hassle of looking through your backpack to find your wallet. It is so much easier carrying around your ID and scanning into buildings when you have a small wallet pouch attached to the back of your phone.

Shoe Rack

The closets are small and there is no where to put your shoes besides throwing them on the floor. Get a shoe rack to take up less space and keep your closet more organized.

Shower Shoes

This may be the most important thing to have when you move in. College showers are DISGUSTING! Make sure you pack shower shoes because you will not want to, nor should you, shower barefoot.


It can literally be the cheapest vacuum you can find, but seriously...purchase it. Vacuums are not only good for rugs, they will also save a ton of time from sweeping if you have wood or tile floors.

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